Unpopular  tv show opinion tag

There are a lot of different tv shows. They are all in different genres and with different storylines. Some people prefer fantasy tv shows, others like comedy better. For today’s blogpost I wanted to do a tag that I made up myself; the unpopular opinion tv show tag (I know, I still have to work on the name). I know that the unpopular opinion book tag exists, but I wanted to do it with tv shows/series. I also made up different questions for this tag, so let’s get started!

1. A tv show that you didn’t like, but that everyone else enjoyed

Once upon a time. It’s not that I hated the show, but I just thought it was kind of overrated. I (slightly) liked the first season, but I quit after that.

2. A tv couple that you like,  but a lot of people dislike.

This is going to be hard for a lot of TVD fans….


I know, most people like Delena, but I do prefer Elena with Stefan. Why?    Let me explain;

When I started the vampire diaries, I was on team Stelena (like most people were back then). Around season 4 I started to like Elena and Damon together and that lasted till season 5/6 or something like that.     When the show ended I started watching season 1 over again and I kinda made up a pros and cons list in my head. After a while I decided that I liked Delena, but I preferred Stelena.

3. A popular show that you want to change the ending of.

This would be Gossip girl for me. I just didn’t like the fact that Dan and Serena ended up together, #Serenate 

4. An underrated show

The originals, I know that this show is pretty popular. But I feel like some people just don’t realize that it’s so much fun to watch, especially when you’ve already watched The vampire diaries. The thing is that you know who all of the main characters are because of tvd and you get to know them better 🙂

5. A book adaptation that you didn’t like.

This could be game of thrones. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t really understand the storyline (I haven’t read the books. Yes, I’m ashamed). 

6. A book that should be turned into a tv show.

I think I would like to see the selection by Kiera Cass as a tv show. I think the story could be an enjoyable show/series.

So this was the blogpost for today! I hoped you liked it 🙂 If you have any tips for my blog or some questions, please comment them, I’d love to see them❤️

X Aleyna


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